TECHNOLOGIKI ATHINON SA is one of the oldest and most experienced contractors in Greece. For decades the company has registered a dynamic presence in the construction industry and using its considerable knowledge and know-how, it can incorporate and utilise all modern technological applications and tools.


The foundations of the company were laid with the company GESI Ltd, an outfit born in 1976, specialising in the design and installation of central heating fittings. In 1980 another entity took over all its activities and the name TECHNOLOGIKI ATHINON SA was adopted by its founder, Alexios Georgiou. The new entity would undertake and execute all kinds of Private and Public Construction works. The first company – GESI Ltd – constructed boilers, heating units and various mechanical installations in many public and private buildings, across Greece.

Later on, TECHNOLOGICAL ATHENS OE undertook more than 70 public and private projects (mainly electromechanical installations for buildings, air-conditioning installations, electrical installations, equipment and restoration projects in several marinas etc.).


Since its founding days TECHNOLOGIKI ATHINON has done nothing but grow and expand, following all latest technical and technological developments in the construction industry, demonstrating a remarkable adaptability to the new reality.

After its first contract (an air conditioning design and installation project in an apartment building on Ippokratous Street, in Athens) the company has successfully undertaken and delivered several other projects of various scales and budgets, commissioned by both private and state entities. We have successfully completed construction and renovation projects of apartment buildings, country cottages, school complexes, and shops – focusing on all electrical, mechanical and plumbing installations (ex. the Vodafone optic fibre network, the irrigation system in Achladokampos) – as well as road and bridge construction works.

Each and every one of our projects presented a unique set of characteristics and challenges which we managed to overcome, every time, thanks to the three basic principles governing our work: consistency, flexibility, efficiency.

Our small and well-coordinated team of dedicated professionals has undertaken and successfully completed more than a hundred projects to date.

At TECHNOLOGIKI ATHINON SA we know that each project’s success is based on the ability of the contractor to combine and coordinate several different fields, professionals and techniques. Our competitive advantage has always been our broad know-how and our ability to deliver our projects impeccably, with attention to the last detail and within the agreed timeframe.