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Infrastructure – Equipment



Our company owns several large and small vehicles (trucks), special construction and earthmoving vehicles construction and earthworks machinery (Jcb, Bobcat, self-loading dozers and mixers etc.) as well as other special machinery such as air compressors, welding equipment, generators, asphalt cutting wheels (trehcer) and excavators.



The warehouses are located on the ground floor of our facility and it’s a storage and maintenance space for all electrical equipment, hydraulic components and tools. The company also owns a 7000 m2 storage and maintenance facility in Nea Kios, in Argolida.



Our workshops is where all basic infrastructure constructions are manufactured, (metal works, electrical panels, prefabricated network solutions etc.) as well as medium-sized steel structures. They are equipped with a wide variety of cutting machines, forming and welding plates for up to 2, 00 mm width and up to 8,0mm thickness.