Private Sector

Construction of photovoltaic park Pyrgella Argolis

Home Private Sector Photovoltaic Park Pyrgella Argolis Construction of photovoltaic park in Pyrgella Argolis At the beginning of 2010, Technologi constructed a 40 KW power park in the area of ​​Pyrgella, in Argolis.

Thermal insulation Nea Penteli

Home Private Sector House Thermal Insulation Nea Penteli External house thermal insulation in Nea Penteli nstallation of external thermal insulation in the house 14 Kilikias & Chrysoupoleos – N. Penteli. Year of construction 2019

Renovation NOLITA Semiramis

Home Private Sector Restaurant NOLITA Semiramis Hotel Restaurant Renovation of Nolita Hotel Semiramis The renovation of the restaurant, the kitchen and the common areas at the hotel SEMIRAMIS (YES HOTELS group) took place in collaboration with the architectural firm LOT in the Fall of 2016.

Home Renovation Filothei Attiki

Home Private Sector Home Repair Filothei Home Repair in Filothei Repair and painting of facades in the house of Maleme 3 Filothei. Year of construction 2020