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Renovation NOLITA Semiramis

Home Private Sector Restaurant NOLITA Semiramis Hotel Restaurant Renovation of Nolita Hotel Semiramis The renovation of the restaurant, the kitchen and the common areas at the hotel SEMIRAMIS (YES HOTELS group) took place in collaboration with the architectural firm LOT in the Fall of 2016.

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Renovation Wind Stores

Home Private Sector Renovation WIND stores Renovation of WIND stores One of the company’s activities is the complete renovation of spaces intended for commercial use. The works include the internal and external coverings of the spaces (ceilings, false ceilings, wall coverings, shop windows, floors, special lighting, etc.). In this context, our company undertook the construction

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Fiber δίκτυο Vodafone

Fiber network VODAFONE

Home Public Sector Fiber Network VODAFONE Fiber network vodafone in the athens – thessaloniki section One of the most important projects completed by the company in 2004 was the construction of part of the Fiber Optic network, of VODAFONE, in the Athens-Thessaloniki section. The project included the construction of ditches, the installation of pipes, the

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